Last week I told you about the Metabolic Reset, a change in your lifestyle that can give you permanent weight loss. It has 5 strategic areas of focus to ensure your best success with your health and weight loss goals:

Step 1 – In-depth naturopathic and functional medicine health review – to individualize your plan for your personal needs

An in-depth naturopathic and functional medicine health review. In this step, we will look at and identify the root cause of your weight and other associated health issues such as low energy, brain fog, blood sugars, pain, and hormone imbalances.

You will be recommended specific laboratory and functional tests to understand why your body is stuck, Which nutrient or hormones our out of balance, and how stress is having an impact on your health and your weight.

This will allow us to personalize the program specifically for you and your individual needs to maximize results.

Step 2 – 6-week Metabolic Reset – to prime and prepare your body for a massive shift in your health trajectory

A 6-week Metabolic Reset! 

You may have tried many programs before finding us. You may have struggled with weight and health issues for years, if not decades. 

The 6-week reset is designed to kick-start and reboot your body. To eliminate physiological barriers to your success, such as inflammation, cravings, sluggish energy and poor sleep.  

You will be prescribed a balanced nutrition plan that focuses on eating whole foods, at the right times in healthy portions.  

During this time you will release 20 to 30 pounds of toxic unwanted weight. You will have the confidence, energy, and excitement to continue on your health journey.  

Step 3 – Mastering Your Mindset – to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

In order to master your body, we will take a deep dive into your mindset and personal stress triggers, which lead to the vicious cycle of self-sabotage, cravings and emotional eating.   

Whether you believe you can lose the weight or you believe you’ll going to fall off the wagon again, you are right! What are your limiting beliefs about your health and your weight? 

This is the single most important factor in determining your lifelong success. We will provide you with the training and tools to overcome limiting beliefs, to create stress resilience and to develop smart and sustainable goals. 

We have a dedicated mindset coach to help you master your mindset, build new sustainable habits, boost confidence and get you mindfully navigating through your health plan.  

Step 4 – Restore Imbalances – to address the root cause of your health and weight loss struggles

We want to restore imbalances. Your metabolism requires specific nutrients and hormonal balances for it to work properly. This will allow you to continue releasing weight and work towards a body you love.

Your laboratory and function testing results will allow us to understand and restore imbalances. These may include insulin resistance, cortisol, thyroid imbalance, sex hormone imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies.

You will be provided with a personalized nutrition plan that will allow you to continue working towards your health and weight loss goals and that fits into your demands of life while addressing your nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. 

You may get prescribed targeted nutritional supplementation to restore more severe imbalances. 

Step 5 – Maintenance and Accountability – to set you up for long term success

Maintaining your newfound state of health is the ultimate goal. Building a sustainable lifestyle and maintaining a thriving body, mind, and spirit is truly a lifelong pursuit and we are going to provide the accountability you need! 

We believe in All Food Fits program, and we will help you build confidence in navigating  mindfully through a lifetime of circumstance that once felt daunting such as holiday eating, how to indulge on the weekend or plan for vacations while still maintain your weight, and how to incorporate your new lifestyle into the larger family plan.

We can’t wait to see you living your best health!  

I know you can do it because I have seen thousands of people just like you reset their metabolism and achieve the health and body they love! 

If you’re looking for a smarter to your weight loss and health goals, If you want to save time and money by using a proven approach to losing unwanted weight and achieve the health you deserve, let’s book an appointed and get started!