Stress Management

It is estimated that 90% of all doctor visits are connected to stress in some way. Chronic stress leads to a number of health issues, including high blood pressure; diabetes; insomnia; depression; headaches; indigestion; frequent colds and flus; infertility; low back pain; neck pain and much more. Furthermore, stress can lead to issues with anger management, poor listening skills, poor communication skills, inability to keep up with assigned tasks and absenteeism, all of which reduce productivity and increase health insurance claims.

The Stress Management Program helps employees differentiate between productive and non-productive stress; it will help build employees’ self-confidence, communication, and adaptability to manage stress, ultimately improving the employees’ ability to respond to stress in a constructive way.

Workshops give employees techniques and tools to manage stress effectively:

  • Individual evaluation of stressors
  • Differentiating productive vs. non-productive stress
  • Understanding how stress affects body and mind
  • Understanding how stress affects job performance and satisfaction
  • Time management techniques: muscle relaxation, exercise, mediation, self-awareness
  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep
  • Cognitive restructuring

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