Have you been living a vicious battle of Yo-Yo dieting where you lose a little weight but fall off the wagon only to gain more weight back?

Are you inundated with all the conflicting information on weight loss plans? 

Have you wasted time and money on the newest fat diets with little to no results? 

Have you been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance that makes it almost impossible to lose weight such as PCOS, DM, insulin resistance, or menopause? 

Or do you feel like something is simply not right with your body, you are eating reasonably and exercising, but not getting results, yet when you go see your doctor your blood work comes back “normal”?

Are you fed up with waking up every day and feeling lousy in your body, lacking confidence and self-esteem?

You are not alone!

As a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctor and founder of the EMPOWER U Metabolic Reset Program, I have helped thousands of patients, just like you, that have been struggling with weight loss and have been feeling frustrated with the outcomes of their efforts.

The EMPOWER U Metabolic Reset Program is a complete solution to weight loss and health needs. This program was designed to not only to help you release unhealthy weight but to empower you to live your best life. We provide a proven road map to weight loss goals and support you with lifestyle with skills and tools so that you can wake up every morning feeling confident and ready to thrive and enjoy lifelong success.

The main reason why so many programs fail is that they focus on calories restriction and exercise. They ignore the most important part of the equation: You!

The EMPOWER U Metabolic Reset Program is different because it looks at you as a person, as a result of your environment, of your thoughts, your stresses, the people you hang around with. The quality of these important facets of your life dictates your weight, your health, and your happiness.

Our program addresses your whole health, thus resulting not only in a physical transformation but also providing support for mental and emotional transformations that results in permanent weight loss. We focus on the root cause of weight struggles and offers a supportive network to develop sustainable and healthy habits.

The EMPOWER U Metabolic Reset is medically supervised and supported by an entire team of experts every step of the way including nutritionists, lifestyle coach, and mindset coaches.

We will focus on 5 strategic to ensure your best success:

Step 1: In-depth naturopathic and functional medicine health review – to individualize your plan for your personal needs

Step 2: 6-week Metabolic Reset – to prime and prepare your body for massive shift in your health trajectory 

Step 3: Mastering Your Mindset – to overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage 

Step 4: Restore Imbalances – to address the root cause of your health and weight loss struggles

Step 5: Maintenance and Accountability – to set you up for long term success

We will take a closer in depth look at these 5 areas in our next blog. For now, if you want to start your path to a healthier lifestyle or want to learn more about the Metabolic Reset Program, book a consultation today or sign up for our next workshop!


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