Toxins are now everywhere in the industrialized world! The question is no longer “Are you toxic?”, the question is “How toxic are you?”

Everyday, even those of us that strive to avoid toxins to the best of our ability are faced with exposure to toxins.

There are 2 classes of toxins are body are exposed to:

EXOGENOUS – The kind that comes from our environment.

ENDOGENOUS – The kind we make naturally in our body.

It is estimated by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, author of The Toxin Solution and the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, that our toxic exposure is coming for these main EXOGENOUS sources:

  1. 70% Food (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, additives)
  2. 10% Water
  3. 10% House and Yard chemicals
  4. 5% Air
  5. 5% Health and beauty

Our bodies are naturally equip to eliminate ENDOGENOUS toxins. It’s a natural physiological process. These self made toxins are called ENDOGENOUS toxins and come from:

  • Gut-derived toxins
  • Non-end product metabolites
  • Poorly detoxified hormones
  • Genetics variation

Unfortunately with the overwhelming EXOGENOUS exposure to toxins, our bodies are simply unable to keep up and we start to accumulate a toxic burden and even develop common toxic overload symptoms such as: headaches, muscle pain, depression, weight gain and more. Furthermore, it is well dominated through research that toxins are now the primary drivers of chronic disease – diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease and contribute to 24 disease processes.

As I gear up the for the 9th Annual KW Cleanse, I will be posting what the latest research has to say on our toxic exposure, where it’s coming from and how to best protect ourselves. Most importantly I am hoping to empower you and inspire to you to join the cleanse and enjoy the power of better health!

Are you curious to see what your toxic burden its?

CLICK HERE  and take the Questionnaire and find what kind of toxic burden your body is dealing with. 

Overall score tabulation (at the bottom of the second page) will help you understand your risk of toxic burden.

Cleansing is a way of effectively decreasing your toxic burden. Whether your toxic burden is hight or low, you will benefit from a cleanse. Think proactively, and keep your toxic burden low! To learn more about the KW Cleanse and to register – follow the link below.