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We are an integrative Naturopathic and Functional Medicine team that strives to provide its patients with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. Our medical team is there for you and will do whatever it takes to improve your health and guide you on a path for continued health.

One of our main goals is to provide an environment that allows patients to feel cared for, listened to and understood.  We treat every patient as an individual, and are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality Naturopathic and Functional Medicine health care.  The treatments that we offer complement your current health care plan, helping to provide a well rounded approach to overall health. We are open and willing to work with other health care professionals to provide the best possible care.

Our principles of care:  

  • Taking the time to listen to patient’s health concerns
  • Creating a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner
  • Doing functional assessments using functional lab testing
  • Treating the root cause of disease
  • Providing a patient-centered approach
  • Providing an individualized treatment plan
  • Complementary to your current health care plan

Our team look forward to helping YOU on YOUR journey to optimal health

Patient Case Studies

Erin Lost 25 lbs in 8 Weeks

Erin feels better about herself and is navigating stress better with all the new energy and focus she has. What Erin loves most about the Metabolic Reset Program is that it focuses on whole health – body and mind. She was motivated to lose weight and feel her best so she could keep up with her five year old.

Tina and Sean Lost 45 lbs Together in 6 Weeks

The couple that gets healthier together is more fulfilled and happier together! Tina and Sean feel like their whole life has changed for the better with the Metabolic Reset. Raising two children together, they are excited about the benefits this program has brought to their entire family!