Why Choose ‘Corporate Wellness Works’ for your Business?

Corporate Wellness Works understands the struggles most people face with balancing nutrition and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits in this modern day. Our nutrition and lifestyle programs lay a strong foundation of balanced nutrition and healthy, manageable and practical routines that can fit into anyone’s busy life.

The return on investment of implementing a wellness program for your employee is extraordinary!

The cost savings of worksite health promotion programs has been well documented in many studies and program evaluations during the past 15 years. A review of published studies on worksite wellness found that the return on investment is, on average, $3.48:$1 due to reduced medical costs and $5.82:$1 due to reduced absenteeism.

For many companies, medical costs can consume half of corporate profit or more. Workplace wellness promotions strand out as a long-term solutions for keeping employees healthy and at lower risk of disease. Employers are becoming more aware that excessive weight, obesity, lack of physical activity, and tobacco use are adversely affecting the health and productivity of their employees as well as their bottom line. Wellness programs have been shown to improve employee health and productivity while yielding a significant return on investment for employers.

Forward-thinking organizations are investing in the health and wellness of their employees to give their businesses the leading edge.

For example:

  • Canada Life Insurance reported a return of $3.43 on their fitness program and an overall return on investment of $6.85 on each corporate dollar invested through reduced turnover, productivity gains and decreased medical claims.


  • Coca-Cola reported saving $500 per employee every year after implementing a wellness program, even with only 60% of their employees participating.


  • Motorola saw a return of $3.15 per dollar from its employee health and fitness program.


  • Johnson and Johnson reported an annual savings of $154.82 per employee after implementing their corporate wellness program.

The good news is that your costs are predictable and modifiable through employee lifestyle management. ‘Corporate Wellness Works’ proactively cultivates sustainable workplace wellness that improves employee health, reduces absenteeism, boosts productivity and moral while decreasing soaring health and benefits costs, ultimately leading to a better bottom line for your business.


“Thank you, Dr.K, for unique ways to increase my energy and acquire simple healthier habits. You encouraged me to take simple steps to safeguard my health. Your recipes and easy-to-follow action steps have made this transformation inspiring and sustainable. My newfound energy has already made such a difference in my day-to-day life”

– Brenda Kuntz, St.Jacobs Furnishings

“As health and wellness is a key component in the fire industry, our department was looking for something that was different, accessible and practical.  Dr. Kristijana Rakic was able to provide us with a well-thought out and well-presented program. Utilizing both on-site visits and online learning, our staff were able to participate in a seven week Cancer Awareness program with ease. Re-testing individuals’ current physical condition and post-testing after participating in the program showed positive results not only in the employees’ weight and fat content, but in their overall positive lifestyle change.”

– Chief Tim Beckett, Kitchener Fire Department

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

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