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At Dr. K Guiding Wellness, we’re dedicated to root cause resolution. Our innovative, care-centered team partners with you to nurture sustainable health. Start your journey to empowered living today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine program.

Why Dr. K Guiding Wellness?

Too often, we seek out short-term health solutions. We are not given the option to explore the root cause underlying our health concerns. The information provided to us is confusing or overwhelming.

Dr. K assembled her care team to provide patients with the nurturing environment needed to understand and create lasting health. Our unique approach empowers you to pursue your dreams and be active in your life, family, and community. With us, you become your best health advocate.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

Dr. K Guiding Wellness was founded to revolutionize the treatment of metabolic and hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, and digestive health.

Our Unique Approach to Achieving Optimal Health

Dr. K Guiding Wellness offers an integrative Naturopathic and Functional Medicine team that will do whatever it takes to empower you along a path of continued health.

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

The concept of “Functional Medicine” is prioritized at Dr. K Guiding Wellness. Learn how, and why, we feel it is so important.

Meet the Dr. K Guiding Wellness Team

An integral part of Dr. K Guiding Wellness’ approach is a collaborative relationship between our doctors and the patient. Our doctors serve as your guide, helping our patients create health.

Inflammation And Your Immune System

The word inflammation comes from the Latin inflammare, to set on fire. In the context of our immune system, heat, redness, pain and swelling form as a reaction to either injury, or a perceived threat in the body.If you’ve ever hit your thumb with a hammer, you can see...

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Modern Agriculture And Its Effect On Gut Health

If you've done much research on gut health, you already know that antibiotics, even when prescribed and used correctly, can really do a number on your digestive health. While they're killing off the pathogens they were meant to eliminate, antibiotics also rid your...

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Gut Health And Weight Loss

Do you have trouble losing extra weight even though you're exercising regularly and eating healthy foods? Starving yourself to lose weight isn't good for your body, and a super hard-core exercise program may not be the answer, either. These are both extremes, most...

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GMOs And Gut Health

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have genes from another species transplanted into their DNA. This is done to increase production or yield or add some other previously nonexistent quality to the organism. These experimental organisms have so far been mostly...

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Essential Oils And Gut Health

We typically think of using essential oils for their marvelous fragrance, or as a spa treatment. They do these jobs wonderfully well, but plant essences have also been used as medicine for thousands of years. First, it's important to distinguish between essential oils...

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One Amazing Way To Health Digestion Problems: Enzymes

Your body is designed to digest the food you eat. It creates hydrochloric acid along with various enzymes for just that purpose. So why might you consider taking them as a supplement? Well if you seem to get gas no matter you eat, you often suffer from heartburn or...

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Natasha’s Journey…

“After 10 years of doing all the right things, Natasha is finally getting the results she feels she deserves with the Metabolic Reset Program. Losing 20 lbs has been exciting, but finally understanding WHY her body was not responding and how to get it to work again was the most empowering part of her experience!”


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